Jay Berg’s Cinema Diary: “Alien Trespass” *** (93 minutes)

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100_3886-1Wednesday March 18, 2009

I first fell in love with the cinema while growing up in the 50’s watching a ton of those Grade B (and most of the time, C & D) sci-fi flicks that later became standard fare on TV in the 60’s and beyond. Bad acting, bad special effects, bad production values, bad . . . well-it really didn’t matter how good or bad they were back then because when you are soooo young & impressionable and are sitting there in the dark, all it did was fuel my dreams and nightmares for years to come. I vividly remember my very first film, 1953’s “Invaders From Mars”, when, at age 5, I walked to The Pikes Theater to see it with my older brother. (I can still see that slopping walk path lined with the picket fence as if it was yesterday-which opened up and devoured anyone who was on it.) Then, as a teenager, came those Saturday matinees at The Forest Theater, where, for 25 cents, you could watch that weekend’s horror/sci fi double feature (remember those?!)-along with the running serials such as the “Rocket Man” or “Flash Gordon” series. Double features have gone the way of baseball’s double headers.
Well, it has taken most of my life, but, finally, along comes “Alien Trespass” to fuel these long ago memories. And, I can honestly say that director B.W. Goodwin gets it! He gets the look, feel, and sounds of these “classic” movies by lovingly creating an homage to this bygone era with “Alien Trespass”. Not just a send-up but a send-off for anyone who has nostalgic memories of this period of film making.

B.W.’s first foray into film (after receiving 3 Golden Globes and 5 Emmy nominations for producing/directing episodes of TV’s “X-Files) is a total hoot!… Read the rest

Public Says No More Closures

The meeting room was filed to overflowing last night, more chairs set up and another section opened up as over 200 people poured into the Senior Center for the Forest Service meeting discussing the future of access around Lake Isabella and the surrounding mountains.

Forest Supervisor Tina Terrel opened the meeting and asked if the public had any questions. It was soon apparent the public could spend the two and a half hours the Sequoia Forest had allotted for the meeting just with questions and comments.

The audience were polite, but insistent the Sequoia Forest Service stop limiting public access.

Sequoia Forest ID Team Leader Chris Sanders made a powerpoint presentation during which many in the audience called out stop closing our public lands.

Supervisor Terrel stated this is just the “starting point” for their plan, but in reality this is the last opportunity the public will have to make a comment and from those comments the Forest Service will finalize their plan in just two months.

The public comment deadline is 3/31/09 leaving the public seven days to read the 600 page DIES plan, unless the Forest Service extends the deadline.

Hands flew up when the floor was again opened for questions

Many asked why are you closing our public lands? Another stated, you have never done anything to improve

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From our Chaverim at Beit Shalom in Visalia

Hello Chaverim (friends),

Its almost time for Passover and just to get in the right frame of mind, Rabbi Weinberg will be with us at Congregation Beit Shalom for a Kabbalat Shabbat dinner and a special program on
preparing ourselves to experience the Journey to Freedom.

Please RSVP as soon as possible for both the dinner this Friday, March 27th and
for the Passover Seder on Saturday, April 11th. Update: Both events begin at 6PM.

Your help is needed and wanted.  Please volunteer for preparations – – this is where the journey begins!

The Synagogue is located at 115 East Paseo Avenue in Visalia, the phone number is 559-308-1333 for RSVP.

Cynthia Fischer Simonian… Read the rest

This Saturday: Wild Appreciation Concert in Springville

wildplaces.net logo

Suggested Donation $7.00, Gates open 6:30PM

Great Food, Silent Auction, Amazing Presentation, and Fantastic Fun for all Ages.

No less an expert then John Muir said the Tulare County section of the Sierra Mountains was among his very favorites, ranking favorably with Yosemite itself. These areas are now known as Sequoia National Forest, Sequoia National Park, and Sequoia National Monument. By far, most of this land is the same as it was when Muir walked through, lived there, and wrote about it.

I have been working with the wonderful non-profit group Wildplaces in Springville which combines river stewardship in the Tulare County mountainous  areas above Porterville with learning opportunities for local children and young adults who might otherwise not have the chance to learn about the spectacular places that are so nearby.

On March 28, WildPlaces holds a major fundraising event you will want to attend, called “Wild Appreciation Night 2009” and they asked me to invite everyone. Music will be provided by Thrift Store All Stars, with Special Guest Coyote Slim. Belly-dancers Eastern Sun Dance Company of nearby Visalia will be entertaining the crowd too.

The concert will be at River Ridge Ranch in Springville, just a couple of miles off 190 by the Big White Barn, at 37794 Balch Park Road. Information about the ranch, and directions can be found at www.river-ridge.net or by emailing info@river-ridge.net.

For information about the concert or WildPlaces, contact WildPlaces at 559-539-5263 or visit www.wildplaces.net

I know you will have a great time and your help will go a long way towards assisting WildPlaces do their important work!

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Run over by one’s own car

I am sad for her family’s loss, but I am also at least a little disappointed to know with certainty that I am not the only person in Porterville to have been run over by their own car.

While I didn’t exactly walk away, I didn’t exactly win my Man vs. Jeep battle either.

UPDATE: Later news reports indicate the fatal injury was to a passenger, not the driver. My unique injury is restred to its rightful luster!… Read the rest

Portia Rossi is Sorry

After listening to Rossi’s mea culpa, I understand now what the Porterville City Council was thinking -hey City Council are you too ashamed of your resolution  to even bother to make sure it is posted prominently for all the public you represent to see on the city web site? It is not there at all according to google!

Written about at Daily Kos:

To illustrate just what these burgeoning community organizers are up against, let me share with you an email exchange one of our Central Valley campers had with the Mayor of Porterville, CA – a tiny enclave south of Fresno thatunanimously passed a resolution in support of Prop 8.

This proposition is not an attack on gays, it is just the opposite, it is a reaction to the attack on traditional family marriage that the gay community has started in the quise (sic) of equality and civil rights. Since the 1960’s the gays have been eating the elephant one bite at a time and have made some headways mainly by infiltrating our school system…….

By the way I always love the way that the gay community uses the term Homophobes, this ofcourse was a term made up by the gay activist to lable any and all people that dont(sic) agree with their agenda. Homophobe One that is afraid of homosexuals, how ludicrist (sic) is that. I and those that I speak with are not afraid of homosexuals, we just believe as I have stated before that the sexual acitivity between two men or two women is not in the best interest of society as a whole, just like certain drugs, or crimes that bring harm to society……
Up until the Gnome (sic) was discoverd the gay community insisted that they were born to it, Oopss (sic) there was no conection, so lets (sic) move to plan b, its (sic) a civil rights issue, passed civil unions, still not good enough, lets attack the traditional family marriage.

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April 1: Art and Poetry Slam

Art and Poetry Slam Event announced for Visalia on April Fool’s Day

An Art and Poetry Slam will be held to benefit Sequoia Riverlands Trust and Kaweah Oaks Preserve at The Plantation.

The event will be held on Wednesday, April 1 from 6 to 9PM at 320 W. Main Street in Visalia. Admission is $5.00 per person.

Call The Plantation by Mrch 27th to register as a performer. Wine, snacks, and refreshments will be available.… Read the rest

Wild Update: March 2009

Since last month’s Wild Update, I have volunteered to assist this fine organization. I encourage all readers to assist in helping Wildplaces empower the  youth of the Porterville area to understand and value the land above the town, which is so different from their home environments.

wildplaces.net logo

WildPlaces’ Mission:

WildPlaces is a community based non-profit organization located in Springville, California in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our mission is to preserve, support, and protect California’s natural and rural places and the people of these landscapes through volunteer driven habitat restoration, natural and cultural education, and career development.


I. Immersed in the Wild Snowshoe Trip in Camp Nelson March 21 2009

II.  WildAppreciation Concert March 28 2009

III. Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony in San Francisco

IV Outdoor Educator Gathering May 2-3 2009

V.  2009 Calendar

I. Immersed in the Wild Snowshoe Trip With LaSierra High School

We at WildPlaces are excited to lead a group of students from LaSierra High School in Porterville on a snowshoe trip to the Freeman Giant Sequoia Grove on March 21st.  It will be the first time for many on snowshoes, and promises to be a fun and educational opportunity for all involved! The youth will camp in Camp Nelson and return to Porterville on Sunday.

We are looking for at least two adult volunteers are to help lead the hike as well prepare food.  Contact ian@wildplaces.net for more information.

II. WildAppreciation Concert March 28 2009, Volunteers Needed!

wildplaces appereciation concert posterOur WildAppreciation Concert at the River Ridge Ranch is coming soon!  As always, we are very thankful to everyone who has volunteered his or her time with WildPlaces, and this concert is for you!  It’s going to be fun, so be sure to bring friends and family.  The gates will open at 6:30PM; there is a suggested donation of $7, but no one will be turned away. … Read the rest

Tender as Hellfire – Poster and DVD Information

At Thursday’s opening, Director Jason Stone announced the availability of Posters at the Sheltered Workers Print Shop on Olive.

In the interest of keeping the cost of the posters down and getting everyone a wonderful souvenir of this special event as quickly as possible, I am negotiating a special deal

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