Extras Needed, Be In the Movies May 25

This JUST IN, on Very Short Notice for me:

I am Casting Extras in a film scene for a Hollywood Feature called “Pickin’ and Grinnin’” .

What a great way to spend the holiday afternoon with your family and loved ones and see how movies are made by being in one!

The Scene is a crowd scene for a Country Music Contest, and will be shot at the beautiful historic Hanford Fox Movie Theater Monday May 27  from 1:30 until 4:30.

Times are strict, as the theater needs to be cleared for an evening film.

We will be shooting crowd reaction shots, as the contest has already been filmed. The extras will be cheering for the musicians, whooping it up.

All ages are welcome. Bring the family, dress is modern and casual, wear what you would wear to a night out at the movies. Prefer shirts with NO LOGOS please

Contact me by email (extras@portervillenerd.com) to let me know your interest and how many people. Tell your friends, bring your friends, we want to fill the theater, and I am getting a VERY late start on this. There is room for everyone, this is a 1500 seat theater, roughly 4 times the size of the largest theater in Porterville where we screened “Tender as Hellfire” last March.

Extras, please be prompt and ask for me (Barry Caplan) at the front of the theater when you arrive.

Directions to the theater are here: http://www.foxhanford.com/directions.html

About the theater: http://www.foxhanford.com/

See you there!… Read the rest

Prop 8 D-Day Actions, Tulare County Announced and Confirmed

From Jamie Garza
Chair Porterville LGBTQ, Tulare County Chapter Leader Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA)

It was confirmed yesterday that the Supreme Court
will issue its ruling on Prop 8, Tuesday May 26th at 10:00am. We have two very important local actions to follow. And Please lets make this viral. Call your friends and family, Forward this email, text, myspace, facebook, twitter, whatever you can do to help spread the word.

Visalia D-Day Action will be Tuesday 26th at 6:00pm at the Visalia Courthouse. For more info go to:
http://www.marriageequality.org/index.php?page=ca-tulare-county or to find more locations go to:

And You Don’t want to miss what could be the biggest marriage equality action in the Central Valley. Please join supporters from all over the state for “Meet In THe Middle 4 Equality” on Saturday May 30th at Fresno City Hall at 1:00pm. For more info go to:

Visit the Tulare County Chapter and Join MEUSA Today! www.marriageequality.org… Read the rest

Breaking News – Prop 8 Ruling Imminent

This in from the California Supreme Court notification service:

Case: S168047, Supreme Court of California

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-05-22
Event Description: Notice of forthcoming opinion posted
For more information on this case, go to:
http://appellatecases.courtinfo.ca.gov/search/dockets.cfm?dist=0&doc_id=1899725… Read the rest

Porterville Vets Well Over Capacity, Sick Dogs Suffer Needlessly

Last night we noticed a lump under Thunder’s jaw, a lump the size of a doggie golf ball. This morning we called all the vets in town, starting with our regular vet, to take her in.

No one can see her before Tuesday, a full 6 days from now, and some not until Thursday, one week from today.

This has happened before when we try to schedule an appointment when one of our dogs falls ill, but I hoped it was an aberration last time. Apparently it was not. We should have a magic ball to know when our dog will take ill so we can schedule well in advance I guess.

There are 4 vets in town, and they all work bankers hours. No service in the evenings, little to no service on weekends, for emergencies during that time, Visalia 30 miles away is the closest possibility.

I am sure the doctors are doing yeoman work, and I also know as a volunteer for the new Porterville Animal Shelter, we are asking them to make time in their busy schedule to spay and neuter the strays we take in.

Still, it must be nice to be so busy that all of the vets in town can afford to project an uncaring image to responsible and loving pet owners who come in with an ill pet and are regular customers, and to give priority to abandoned dogs instead.

No advice is offered for keeping the pet comfortable during the delay, no explanation about why time can’t be made available in the evenings or weekends to meet demand, just sheer callousness on the part of front office staffs, the very staffs we trust with our pet’s health and lives. This is not the kind of image a health service should be projecting.… Read the rest

Flaming Kabob to offer new menu

One of my two favorite restaurants here in Porterville, the Flaming Kabob on Henderson (between Starbucks and Quiznos), is planning to offer a buffet menu soon in addition to the existing menu.

Steam tales are in place, and it looks like the change is set to occur next week sometime.

Why are the Flaming  Kabob and Vientianne (on Olive across from Porterville High School)  my two favorite places to eat in Porterville?

  1. Both have friendly staff and owners who will ask you sincerely if you are enjoying the food and go out of their way to make sure you do.
  2. Both offer excellent and authentic regional cuisine using fresh ingredients, and do not shy away from using the correct amounts of spices. Most restaurants in Porterville, even the Mexican ones, avoid spice like the plague.  I don’t know why, but Porterville restaurants uniformly  serve the blandest food on earth. On this score alone, any restaurant using spices could make it into my top 5. So far there are only 2, maybe 3 candidates I am aware of. I don’t mention the third here, because I am not sure they pass the next point.
  3. Both serve food that is not a slopped-together combination of stuff you can buy in giant cans at Smart and Final.
  4. The prices at both are extremely reasonable, you can eat well and still have food to go for the price of a single meal.

Please patronize both Flaming Kabob and Vientianne and also please  encourage the folks at your favorite restaurant to step it up and stop skimping on spices in their recipes.… Read the rest

More-Cities-Seeing-at-Least-15-Percent-Unemployment: Personal Finance News from Yahoo Finance

Porterville has the 5th highest unemployment  level in the US in march among 310 population areas.

13 of the top 18   areas are in California, including a nearly unbroken chain of population centers between north of the  Grapevine  to Sacramento,  and then north of Sacramento well into Oregon.

Cities With Jobless Rates of 15% or More
Metro AreaStateMarch 2009 Jobless RateRise From March 2008
El CentroCA25.1%7.5
Yuba CityCA19.5%6.8
Ocean CityNJ15.0%4.2

More-Cities-Seeing-at-Least-15-Percent-Unemployment: Personal Finance News from Yahoo Finance.… Read the rest

Terra Bella, Pistachios, Google and Your Health

Today on a lark I decided to set up a google alert on some of the local town names that I didn’t already have one set up for. When you do this, google will send you an email of new sites and blogs that match the term you specify.

Little did I know that news was about to explode in sleepy next-door Terra Bella. Setton Farms, which is apparently the nation’s second largest processor of pistachio nuts, selling in both the wholesale and retail channels, has been identified as a source of salmonella.

No sicknesses have been reported, but Setton is attempting to recall its entire 2008 crop, which was distributed to 31 states. Some processed food made from the nuts, which was shipped in 1000 pound and larger nut sacks, has already been recalled, and food manufacturers are scrambling to identify which products used the nuts. More recalls of raw nut and finished products are sure to follow.

For now, it is recommended to not eat any pistachios or products containing them.

I will be providing lists of links addressing this breaking news matter in separate posts.… Read the rest

Tender as Hellfire: New Web Site Launched Ahead of Film Festival Visits

tender as hellfire logo This week a new web site was launched for the short film Tender as Hellfire, filmed in Porterville, California. With the film’s full April schedule of Film Festival playings about to begin, the new site features never before production photos, along with cast, crew, and the film’s trailer.

Join me in wishing Jason wonderful success in April and beyond as the film is shown to the world for the first time outside of Porterville.… Read the rest

Tender As Hellfire: Film Festival Schedule

tender as hellfire logoThis week sees the premier of the film festival circuit for Tender as Hellfire, the short film created here in Porterville this past year by director Jason Stone.

Follow here at PortervillNerd.com or TenderAsHellfire.com for updates and additions to this schedule and other Tender as Hellfire news.

Screening on April 4 at 4:00pm

Screening in the Live Action Shorts B Program
April 4 at 4:15pm and April 5 at 12:15pm
Director Jason Stone and Producer Jon Kondrath will be in attendance.

Screening before “True Adolescents”
April 19 at 5:00pm and April 23 at 4:30pm
Director Jason Stone and Producer Jon Kondrath will be in attendance.

Screening in the 35mm Shorts Program
April 18 at 3:00pm and April 25 at 1:00pm

IFF BOSTON (April 22-28)
Screenings TBA
Director Jason Stone will be in attendance.… Read the rest

Reminder Tomorrow: Poetry Slam in Visalia, April 1


Poetry Slam – Outsider Art

1 Night
1 Chance
2 Make a Statement

Wednesday, April 1: No Fool’s Day

Teak & Batik and Easelheads is
The Plantation

Where: 320 West Main, Visalia
When:6-9 PM
Need More Info?: 559-734-4084
Admission: $5

Want to be on stage?
559 – 738-0130 Art
559-781-2315 Poetry

Sponsored by: Sequoia Riverlands Trust… Read the rest