10 / 40 / 70 Movie Review – How does Porterville Stack Up?

Just in time for Porterville’s silver screen debut next week comes this new and clever movie reviewing technique. Take 3 still frames at arbitrary times, 10 minutes in, then 40 and 70 minutes in exactly, and review the film based on those three framse.

See how it goes with  10 / 40 / 70 Ocean’s Twelve.

I might be a while until we can see Tender as Hellfire in a format where we can view it fram by frame, but at 20 minutes long, let’s modify 10/40/70 based on assyuming a typical filml is 100 minutes long. So what would we see and learn of the film  of we grabbed a frame at 2,/8/14 minutes in?

As Associate Producer, I predict you will see a promising career for Director Jason Stone and a hardscrabble life for Porterville’s residents. Luckily, Porterville is standing in for Oklahoma in the script, which was standing in for Minnesota in the original novel, so we will see amazing acting chops by Porterville locations.

Just as well known for its foothills and vistas of distant Sierra peaks as its rustic midwestern style farming scenes, this screen rookie is worth looking into by directors everywhere. Sometime  in the future, Porterville, as the King of California Citrus, will be discovered for a role as early Orange County, maybe in a bio-pic of one of the Disneys that will be sure to pop up from time to time.

Contact me and I will show you around, online or off, for the locations you are looking for. Let The PortervilleNerd show you what Porterville can do for you.

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