ABC 30 in Fresno Travels to Porterville to air Civil Rights Story

Last night Channel 30 sent reporter Gene Haagenson to Porterville to cover the pro-same sex marriage Civil Rights discussion that took place as the public spoke in unanimous voice before the only City Council in the State that took a stand in favor of Prop 8.

I introduced the speakers that were to come, and framed the issue: That City Council has voted, and urged its constituents to vote to divide our State’s population into 3 (!) classes where there ought be only 1:

  1. People who are free to marry the person they love
  2. People who are never free to marry the person they love
  3. People who are married to the person they love now, but should they become single again by death or divorce, will never be free to marry a new person they fall in love with again.

Please watch the video, and review the other media coverage of our fight here in Porterville. Shine a light on what has happened in our remote, but not really all that small, town. Let California and the world know via your blog, by your facebook and myspace pages, prepare to twitter as new actions take place, and above all, join us here in Porterville – we will welcome you after your long drive, don’t worry about that – and get your own Council members and County Supervisors on record, up or down, on this critical Civil Rights matter ASAP.

Fresno, CA (KFSN) — The fight over same sex marriage came to the steps of Porterville City Hall.

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