Additional Media Coverage – Porterville Residents Again Stand Up for Civil Rights for All

Porterville Recorder: Grassroots same-sex marriage effort takes flight

A grassroots campaign to overturn Proposition 8 kicked off Tuesday before the Porterville City Council.

A dozen speakers took turns addressing council members on topics ranging from the council’s resolution last year in support of the ballot measure, the potential psychological effects of banning same-sex marriage, and the real-life ramifications of fighting for a right others possess.

The theme, however, was consistent.

“We have no intention of leaving,” Jaime Garza said.

Garza, of Porterville, was one of those who entered a same-sex marriage last summer after the state supreme court ruled in May 2008 that barring same-sex unions was unconstitutional. She’s still legally married after last week’s state supreme court ruling upholding the validity of Proposition 8, but also ruling that marriages in effect before the proposition’s passage remain valid. Residents say city’s support for Proposition 8 hurting them

Porterville, a small Central Valley town, was the only city in California to formally endorse Proposition 8, the measure that banned gay marriage in California.

But now, some residents want the City Council to reverse course, arguing the endorsement has inflamed tension in Porterville.

The mayor isn’t backing down, and it’s possible Porterville will take a stand if gay marriage supporters place a measure on the ballot attempting to repeal.

the time of my life (blog): Porterville California Battles Prop 8

The tiny town of Porterville, California, is suddenly, almost overnight, ground zero in the fight to overturn Proposition 8, as citizens appeared en masse Tuesday night to confront and challenge elected officials over their endorsement of the ban on gay marriage. Porterville’s city council passed a resolution supported Prop 8, and that has angered those who elected the members mightily, including resident Jamie Garza, one of the eighteen-thousand Californian’s who married last year, who told of the both emotional and physical abuse she and her wife have had to endure while defending their right to be wedded, and resident Barry Caplan who argued before Council Tuesday night that Proposition 8 has effectively created a three-tiered class of citizens and has divided the town.

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