Brian Ward revises his campaign web site, continued

Earlier we reported that Porterville City Councilman Brian Ward, sponsor of the only city council resolution in the entire state to suport Prop 8 last fall, has quickly changed his hateful campaign web site amid publicly aired allegations of improprieties regarding campaign laws.

The allegations alleged that Ward was using the school where he works for campaigning, even going so far as to use school district resources to collect campaign donations.

The page where he suggested campaign donations be sent to has suddenly disappeared the day after the allegations were made at last night’s City Council meeting, but not before they were copied by the public and distributed to news media.

Below the jump is a cut and paste from google cache, as of this writing. Note that the address is the address of the Burton School District, Ward’s public sector  employer.

Also note the attempt to circumvent public disclosure laws, and the failure to ask any of the spelling teachers at Burton School District how to spell “anonymity”.

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