Cameron Hamilton Answers My Questions At Last

Below are the questions I asked and answers from Cameron Hamilton I posed him on the recorderonline facebook page on the eve of his election.

My analysis will be in the next post….

1 – Do you agree you voted in 2003 to have Council stand against government intrusions on the rights of all citizens?


2 – Do you agree that the US Supreme Court has indicated that the right to marry is a fundamental right in more than 14 cases over more that 100 years?


3 – Do you agree that on the day before the Prop 8 Election, Californians had the right to marry anyone of any gender?

Yes, legislative action

4 – Do you agree that after Prop 8, the 4th Branch of Government in California took that right away?

Yes, citizens action

5 – Do you agree that Council supporting a branch of government taking a right away is counter to the 2003 Resolution that you supported standing up against exactly that?


6 – Do you agree that in 2008 you voted for a Resolution that Brian Ward introduced that was opposite in spirit and intent to the Resolution that you voted for in 2003, that by its very words urges the 4th Branch to remove Rights that were then held by every Californian eligible to marry?


7 – So sometime between 2003 and 2008, when you voted on each of these Resolutions, your position on whether Government should intrude on removing rights changed, from being squarely against it in 2003 to actually urging it in 2008?


8 – To this very day, on including on this very facebook page, you have stood up and defended the 2008 vote to remove rights as right and proper, and not said a word about the rightness or properness of your 2003 vote to defend the rights of the people against government intrusion. Correct?


9 – No other Council in all of California has voted as ours did in 2008?


10 – You argue, by disputing my claims, that companies are interested in the environment in which their employees work?

Never argued it one way or amother
11 – You argue that companies have an interest in choosing local governments to work with that support the rights of their employees, and their employees families, in making decisions about where to locate?

never argued it one way or another either

12 – You argue that because companies don’t care about about whether or not local governments care about the working conditions of their employees or their families, that Porterville’s Council standing against the rights of at least some of them is of no interest to them at all?

Never argued one way or another on this one either

13 – Yet you advocate that when it comes to Economic Development, it is important that Porterville can and has distinguished itself form our competition in some ways that you haven’t listed at all, but that regardless of what those ways might be, respect for the rights of employees from the local government, with whom the companies will have, in effect, a long term partnership, is not important to companies?


14 – Essay question, please write at least 150 words: Explain why, in 2003 I cared about the government intrusion into the rights of Citizens, but in 2008 my view had changed and I was eager to use the power of my office to urge another branch of government to remove rights from Citizens.

Don’t need 150 words, patriot act and a constitutional amendment to keep traditional marriage between a man and a women after the state legislature usurped the elected prop 22 marriage between a man and women only was the electorate rejecting the elected just as the resolution against the patriot act did, clear enough for you???

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