Run over by one’s own car

I am sad for her family’s loss, but I am also at least a little disappointed to know with certainty that I am not the only person in Porterville to have been run over by their own car.

While I didn’t exactly walk away, I didn’t exactly win my Man vs. Jeep battle either.

UPDATE: Later news reports indicate the fatal injury was to a passenger, not the driver. My unique injury is restred to its rightful luster!… Read the rest

Wild Update: March 2009

Since last month’s Wild Update, I have volunteered to assist this fine organization. I encourage all readers to assist in helping Wildplaces empower the  youth of the Porterville area to understand and value the land above the town, which is so different from their home environments. logo

WildPlaces’ Mission:

WildPlaces is a community based non-profit organization located in Springville, California in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our mission is to preserve, support, and protect California’s natural and rural places and the people of these landscapes through volunteer driven habitat restoration, natural and cultural education, and career development.


I. Immersed in the Wild Snowshoe Trip in Camp Nelson March 21 2009

II.  WildAppreciation Concert March 28 2009

III. Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony in San Francisco

IV Outdoor Educator Gathering May 2-3 2009

V.  2009 Calendar

I. Immersed in the Wild Snowshoe Trip With LaSierra High School

We at WildPlaces are excited to lead a group of students from LaSierra High School in Porterville on a snowshoe trip to the Freeman Giant Sequoia Grove on March 21st.  It will be the first time for many on snowshoes, and promises to be a fun and educational opportunity for all involved! The youth will camp in Camp Nelson and return to Porterville on Sunday.

We are looking for at least two adult volunteers are to help lead the hike as well prepare food.  Contact for more information.

II. WildAppreciation Concert March 28 2009, Volunteers Needed!

wildplaces appereciation concert posterOur WildAppreciation Concert at the River Ridge Ranch is coming soon!  As always, we are very thankful to everyone who has volunteered his or her time with WildPlaces, and this concert is for you!  It’s going to be fun, so be sure to bring friends and family.  The gates will open at 6:30PM; there is a suggested donation of $7, but no one will be turned away. … Read the rest

Weather for the World Ag Expo

Tomorrow thru Thursday are the rates for the World Ag Expo in nearby Tulare. Unlike last year’s unseasonably warm weather, this year it looks more typical for early February. We go some soaking rain over the weekend, through the wee hours of Monday morning. Expect temps in the low to mid 50s all week, with chance of showers onWednesday and Thursday.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the crowd. Those that have traveled from around the country and even around the world, filling every available hotel room between Fresno and Bakersfield, will  make the most of their time. But I wonder if the local attendence that I noticed last year will take a dive?

With probaly half the vendors and 2/3 of the show space outdoors and the rest in large barn-like pavilions, dressing properly to be able to see the entire show without overheating inside or chilling outside is going to be no mean feat.

Regardless, I suggest wearing boots or footwear and pants you don’t mind getting muddy at the very least, bring a light jacket, dress in layers if you can, and bring some sort of hat (John Deere baseball cap if you have one!) to keep the noggin warm and dry.… Read the rest

Dairy prices and the World Ag Expo

Porterville in one of the top dairy producing counties in the country. I think we provide ~36% of the milk for California, before even thinking about cheese.

Recently, there have been stories in the news about how the dairy farms have been hit hard to the point that the farmers are trying to sell large fractions of their herds and there are no buyers.

This appears to be due to the collapse of the price that is paid to the farmer, as well as the increase in price in inputs such as feed products.

Since the farmers production capacity wasn’t really reduced at all, you’d think if the price they are getting paid is dropping, then that would be reflected in the retail price too, much as with what happened with gas.

Like gas, I think milk at that level is often sold on futures contract, so it might take a while, but expect either the price of milk and dairy products to fall fast soon, or to start seeing about how, with herds reduced, it is harder to find enough supply in the retail channel.

I am not a farmer, but I live among them, my interest is really in the inefficiencies of the distribution channel from farms to retail.

Conveniently, the world’s largest agriculture trade show is next week in this county, and I would be amazed if this is not topic 1.… Read the rest