CBS 47 Covers Same Sex Marriage Rights Demand in Porterville

Video coverage here

Emotions ran high at the Porterville City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Gay marriage supporters spoke out, chastising members for publicly supporting Proposition 8 earlier this year. This comes just one week after the Supreme Court upheld the proposition.

Nearly a dozen supporters of gay marriage were at the council meeting to ask members to apologize for a resolution the city adopted earlier this year, supporting Proposition 8.

Gay marriage supporters claim the city looks at Proposition 8 from a religious standpoint. The city’s motto is “In God We Trust”.

Gay marriage supporters say Porterville was the only city in the state to adopt a resolution in support of Proposition 8. They say the resolution divides the community.

Not Councilman McCracken’s weaselly language and body language. Oh yeah, he is a man of the people that one, he didn’t want to vote for the hateful resolution, but he looked around to see which way the wind was blowing, he sucked it up and voted with the crowd just to go along.

Pete, you are waaaay to old to be subject to peer pressure like that! You seem to know what is right from wrong, grow a pair and act like it! This is not “The Wizard of Oz” and you are not playing the Lion in a school play! You are actively voting to, and professing your pride in, working to take rights away from real people in your community.

And your spin is not going to fly by unnoticed either. You might claim that you voted the way the people wanted you to vote, statistically speaking, but the Resolution itself is not something binding upon the people, reflecting its voice.

In fact,  what it says after a seemingly endless series of “Whereas”s is that it reflects the voice of the Council in urging the People to act in a certain way, not that the Council is acting on behalf of a mandate from the People as you claim now.

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