Citrus Biz Profile: BTV Crown Farms

From: BTV Crown Farms.

At BTV Crown Farms we take pride in growing the highest quality fruit.

With more than 30 years in the agricultural business our unique innovation and growing practices has helped us uphold our long standing reputation of superior quality to our customers around the world. As a small farm of 1200 acres of prime agricultural land located in the Terra Bella area of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. We specialize in several varieties of table grapes, citrus and pistachios. We take pride in knowing our customers will receive the maximum freshness and quality fruit around that is mature before picking and color picked and packed to order.

Attention to detail in all aspects of the growing and harvesting process is what allows BTV to uphold its long standing reputation of superior quality. BTV’s King’s Crown and King “B” labels are recognized worldwide and have become a leader in quality export markets because of its adherence to high standards. BTV is proud of its numerous awards for excellence, which is directly attributed to its experienced and dedicated personnel.

We appreciate your support, and hope you enjoy the fruit!

Key People:

Randy Weldon, President
Tennison Hoofard, Director of Sales


Office: 559-534-2590
Cell: 559-333-4015
Fax: 559-534-2390

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