David Gong agitates Measure H, I respond

David Gong, recent City Council candidate posted on facebook tonight

It would appear I hit the nail on the head when it came to Measure H funds being spent inappropriately. I’m not the brightest guy in the world, but if the city had to pay back $60,000 on the consultant group….where does that money come from? The consultant group should pay the money back….not our city!

I responded, provocatively I suppose, as below…to me, the issue is that we are treating the kids as an afterthought with the hope they won’t make us spend additional money later in police services when they hit puberty and beyond. Talk about hope and a prayer!

Instead, it would be better to insist our volunteered tax dollars, a rarity anywhere, let alone here in Bible Belt/Tea Party California-land, be spend on teaching the kids to value learning and education for its own sake, more so than the teachers and the parents and the elders of the town.

That ain’t gonna happen, and neither will any measurement towards the stated goal of the taxation Measure H. Sadly some of these kids are going to die at the pointy end of a Porterville Police Department bullet if history is any guide.

See my facebook response after the jump….

David, As long as the purpose of the literacy aspect of Measure H is an afterthought tacked on, the whole thing is destined to be a fiasco forever.

It is my understanding that the purpose is to introduce kids to books at the library not so they will be smarter, better prepared for school, or become better citizens of anything like that.

Instead the reason seems to be to prevent them becoming crime statistics after the age of 13.

Yet even with that preposterous goal and reason, there is no accountability, the existence of the Oversight Committee notwithstanding.

For instance, despite the goal being one of a purely statistical aim far into the future of each child receiving services, there is no effort being made at any cost whatsoever to see if progress is being made towards that goal, if the results of the services are neutral, or if in fact the kids are more likely to become crime statistics later.

We are simply investing the money without any oversight as to whether it is truly achieving the goal or will achieve the goal later. We simply don’t know, because we do not measure towards the measurable goal.

And oh yeah, I think we are spending but a fraction of the taxes we pay every time we go to a cash register in Porterville that are allocated towards this goal. The rest just sits in a City bank account.

Porterville, wouldn’t you rather pay lower taxes than to see the City sit on your hard earned and taxed money without even spending it on the goal or demonstrating the goal is being met?

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