Doggy Arbitrage

Is this your dog?

California, it turns out, has too many Chihuahuas. New York City does not have enough. So animal welfare officials in San Francisco and Manhattan arranged for what a Virgin America press release dubbed a “Chihuahua airlift” — 15 homeless dogs from the Bay Area were flown to Kennedy by the airline so they could be adopted by New Yorkers. It has been no small feat. The A.S.P.C.A. estimated that it would spend $100 to $2,000 per dog for spaying and neutering, shots, food, housing, veterinary care and other costs. At least one dog will undergo orthopedic surgery.

from: A.S.P.C.A. Airlifts Chihuahuas From Bay Area to New York –

This weekend, the Porterville Animal Shelter, now operating out of the old Lindsay Shelter, held an emergency adoption event because the shelter is fillign up too rapidly with dogs.

As one of the first volunteers when the Friends of the Shelter group organized last year, I was surprised to learn during prior adoption events that Porterville, and other Central Valley locations, are net exporters of dogs to urban areas.

There is definitely a flux and flow of different types of dogs across this state, and across the nation. Here, we are indeed drowning in Chihuahuas, Chi-mixes (like my first dog,  Lola, pictured as we found her, a stray Jack Russel – Chihuahua mix), and pit-bulls.

Since the minute I observed it, whenever the shelter comes up in conversation with my gf (who also volunteers), the words “doggy arbitrage” are not far from my lips.

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