Mitt Romney amazed by the technololgy order takers use at fast food places, lauds job losses created

What an idiot! Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has never seen orders at a fast food place placed by touching a screen before?

Let them eat cake indeed!

In fact, the only economically interesting part here is that Wawa does not have to pay the drive-through or counter cashier that other chains do. Instead, they convince the customer to do the labor that would have otherwise cost it 15 dollars or so an hour for all costs.

How much does that customer save on their sandwhich?

How is this creating new entry level jobs for the people who would be order takers or sandwich makers?

Does he advocate chains such as McDonalds or Subway increase profits to the likes of him by cutting even more entry level jobs by letting the customer touch the screens themselves instead of having paid employees do it?

Where are these entry level jobs hat are created while they are destroyed at Wawas? Point them out to me  please. You can comment on this post, I await your response.

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