Porterville Homophobia Redux

From Queer Visalia, reporting homophobic club posts at Porterville College, since disappeared. But not before I could capture a screenshot from google cache on August 9, 2011 at about 5:30 PM local time.

A Storm Is Brewing in Porterville

Photo Credit: Porterville College

Joel Wiens, Ed.D., teaches Anatomy, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology at Porterville College.  He is also faculty adviser for the One In Christ Club on the campus.

A posting by that club on the College’s website has caught the eye of local gay rights activists, and will be the focus of efforts to get the clearly false information removed.

The posting starts out:

Homosexuality, at its root, is not a sexual problem – it is a gender-identity problem.

Four gay myths
1.  10% of the population is homosexual
2.  A person can be born gay.
3.  Once gay, always gay.
4.  Homosexuality is normal in every way.

The very first line exposes the mindset of the post.

Click on the image to see full size.
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