Porterville is a Christian City, locals and officials insist

Local citizen offended by pending  non-Christian invocation at City Council, affirms “Porterville is a Christian City

Yesterday I read in the Recorder that 17 cities will start their council meetings with a reading from Hindu Sand Script. This shocked me. Here in a nation that was founded by Christians with Christian principles, with a ceremony to dedicate this nation to God on the shores of this nation.

This discussion broke out online too over the weekend, worth reading indeed for the extensive duplicity of Porterville’s newly re-elected Councilman Cameron Hamilton.

I guess all the Jews, Singhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans, (arguably) Mormons, Native Americans, and people of many other or no religions at all are only allowed to live in Porterville due to the goodness of the local Christians. Good to know where at least some of the locals stand on this matter.

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