Portia Rossi is Sorry

After listening to Rossi’s mea culpa, I understand now what the Porterville City Council was thinking -hey City Council are you too ashamed of your resolution  to even bother to make sure it is posted prominently for all the public you represent to see on the city web site? It is not there at all according to google!

Written about at Daily Kos:

To illustrate just what these burgeoning community organizers are up against, let me share with you an email exchange one of our Central Valley campers had with the Mayor of Porterville, CA – a tiny enclave south of Fresno thatunanimously passed a resolution in support of Prop 8.

This proposition is not an attack on gays, it is just the opposite, it is a reaction to the attack on traditional family marriage that the gay community has started in the quise (sic) of equality and civil rights. Since the 1960’s the gays have been eating the elephant one bite at a time and have made some headways mainly by infiltrating our school system…….

By the way I always love the way that the gay community uses the term Homophobes, this ofcourse was a term made up by the gay activist to lable any and all people that dont(sic) agree with their agenda. Homophobe One that is afraid of homosexuals, how ludicrist (sic) is that. I and those that I speak with are not afraid of homosexuals, we just believe as I have stated before that the sexual acitivity between two men or two women is not in the best interest of society as a whole, just like certain drugs, or crimes that bring harm to society……
Up until the Gnome (sic) was discoverd the gay community insisted that they were born to it, Oopss (sic) there was no conection, so lets (sic) move to plan b, its (sic) a civil rights issue, passed civil unions, still not good enough, lets attack the traditional family marriage. If DNA were trully a factor the homosexuals would have been bread out of society a long time ago by natural progression. Lets just be honest with each other, homosexuals are attracted to those of the same sex. With that understanding we can get pass (sic) the B.S. of equal rights. I suggest you do some research into what marriage was intended to be.

The rest of Porterville’s City Council seem to be just as enlightened. This from the campaign website of Brian Ward, who won a seat on the City Council just this year:

Nature argues against homosexuality as an “alternative” lifestyle. Homosexuality is simply unnatural. Speaking as plainly as I can, people have “in holes” and “out holes” in their body. Some holes are designed to take things in, while others are designed to rid things from the body. While some holes perform both functions, the duality of function is evidenced by natural design (the vagina is meant to take in a male penis, but also expel an infant child). We should not confuse the obvious and natural purpose of our body’s holes.

Ward lists his day job as a school psychologist with the Burton School District. He and his lovely wife, Yvette, have squeezed out 4 kids in 8 years. So clearly he’s an expert in the “innie/outie” hole issue. Feel free to drop him – or anyone on the Porterville City Council – an emailsometime if you care for a lively discussion on the subject. They seem more than happy to oblige.

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