Reading is FUN-damental!

OK, working on a new feature for this blog!

I thought y’all might like a look into the types of books that draw my interest. I will elaborate on specific ones from time to time, and use their content as a jumping off point for various blog essays.

To that extent I have added a new “library” section to this blog. It can be found at

To kick it off, I will add some books I grabbed today from the Porterville Library “Friends of the Library” monthly book sale. To be honest, there were far more books available than I expected, and I didn’t expect to find anything except curiosities, if that. I think I did a little better than that, and the money goes to a good cause.

For now, the formatting of the Library page, and the individual book pages may look a little iffy as I have not integrated the default formatting into this blog’s theme. In the interest of sharing information rapidly, I let you know about the data anyway 🙂

And if you see any books that are interesting, you can click on the images or the titles and you will be taken to the book’s page on If you then buy the book, you will be bringing the internet economy to Porterville, which can really use it, and honoring me with a small contribution that Amazon will provide me for having helped you! I thank you for that honor, I hope you find some books as interesting as I do, and I welcome your feedback on what you think of them or the essays I will provide.

Here are the books I got today, all for a total of less than 10 dollars:

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