Senator Roy Ashburn, meet your lifetime legacy. Lifetime legacy, Senator Ashburn.

Barry Caplan
This is sickening on so many levels.

and here:

None of the articles mention the reason why the young man was being bullied. Even teh family seems shamed about teir own son who brought this upon himself, and worse, upon them.

I hope that there is a move afoot to see all that change.

This is Roy Ashburn’s district, on the far other end from where I am. What a fine way for Roy to end his political career, standing up for this young gay man, who was struggling with the same issues Ashburn did growing up that he now says he wants to do something about.

Seth Walsh, 13, whose suicide attempt Sept. 19 stunned the community, died Sept. 27 at Kern Medical Center with his family standing vigil.
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  1. Hi Barry,

    Great blog, I enjoyed reading your post on Prop 8. I kind of tripped over your site, trying to figure out why Porterville CC went through the trouble of publicly, politically, endorsing it. (shaking my head).

    Brian Ward must feel pretty safe to cut and paste and cant and rant. I checked his site–he’s still got a remark about the Walker ruling (though I didn’t get the feeling he read it). A school psychologist! Wow. What an abusive fellow.

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