Statement from Barry Caplan, representing Same-Sex Marriage Advocates of Porterville

This Statement was read into the record immediately following the historic vote on August 4th when the Porterville City Council voted 3-2 rejecting a resolution to oppose mark Leno’s (D-SF) SB 54 bill.

The bill  would, if passed, clarify issues for same sex couples who are  legally married in other states and then arrive in California, in essence granting them all the rights of a marriage without allowing the relationship to be deemed a marriage. This is designed to clarify a gap in coverage that the California Supreme Court has identified in Prop 8, now a Constitutional Amendment.

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Statement from Barry Caplan, representing Same-Sex Marriage Advocates of Porterville:

Porterville, CA
August 9, 2009

We thank the City Council for their historic vote tonight.

In voting against Cameron Hamilton’s ill-conceived Resolution, they have shown courage, conviction, and statesmanship in listening to the reasoned protests of the last 11 months since their rushed and ill-advised and unique-to-California vote in favor of Brian Ward’s Resolution in support of Prop 8 during last year’s campaign.

Having listened carefully to the issues and rhetoric from us for 11 months, Council has proved that hearts, minds, and votes can be changed regarding Same Sex Marriage even in the heart of the Central Valley.

In the September 2003, in the context of the Patriot Act, the City has indicated by Resolution that it values the contribution of all citizens. Tonight’s vote stops short of affirming that it feels that same way in the context of Same-Sex marriage, but it does represent a positive step in the right direction.

We will continue working so that Porterville can no longer be considered the state and national symbols for the venomous arguments presented tonight by anti-Same-Sex-Marriage agitators, who are spoke enthusiastically, beyond happy that Californians are split into 3 arbitrary classes where there should only be one:

1 – People who are free to marry those who they love
2 – People who are not free to marry those who they love
3 – People who are currently married but should they become single again through death and divorce will not be allowed to marry the person they love again

Until all are equal in the eyes of the law, then none are.

Once again, we thank the Council for their historic vote and this first step in the right direction for Porterville and its citizens.

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