Kickstarting Porterville Nightlife….

Here is one solution to the lack of nightlife in Porterville, and it is an organic one – Sonny Sell, a local promoter is on a good track noticing the otherwise underused park across from City Hall.

One likely doesn’t need permits if one simply shows up and starts playing music -e.g. busking.

Let some of the many fine musicians in Porterville practice and gather inspiration under the music mural and statue of Buck Shaffer on the Clock.

When word gets out that there are musicians there, people will come to listen.

When there are enough musicians around the park, people will stroll and wander.

And when the musicians get the attention, they will stay late.

All of this under the First Amendment.

Let it happen every night, with more fun on weekends, Fri, Sat for example.

Let Porterville get a reputation as a place where creative musicians play and meet each other.

Other artists will come, locally, and from far away, and they will have things to share, and maybe services to sell for tips like the musicians.

Soon, people will want to make a night of it, and that means eating dinner or getting snacks to bring to the park. A restaurant or two will start to think about staying open to accommodate that, and maybe some pushcarts or food trucks will show up.

Maybe even the food trucks will start to offer the creative truck cuisine that other cities have leading nightlife efforts there…or other creative food places such as Crave Bakery on Main Street will step up!

Maybe some of the crowd will wander to the Brickhouse or Mecca, and vice versa, and those few blocks will start to show some human activity after 5PM.

Eventually, maybe the musicians and artists will want to start being here around each other because they are benefiting from the collaborations.… Read the rest