Tender as Hellfire First-Ever Public “Friends and Family” Viewing March 5th

Tender as Hellfire PosterAs many of you may know, this past summer I worked as an Associate Producer on a film called Tender as Hellfire, filmed right here in Porterville. The short film is about 20 minutes long, made by USC Film School graduate student Jason Stone as his thesis film to complete his Master’s Degree.

The film is completed at last (trailer is here), and scheduled for its first ever public showing, a “Friends and Family” viewing, at the Galaxy 9 Theater on Henderson, March 5, at 7PM.

It is the story of a boy coming to grips with complex relationships in his family, especially with his mother’s boyfriend.


French: John Hawkes http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0370035/
Cheryl: Bellamy Young http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0949292/
Chris: Chris Aguilar of Exeter in his movie premiere
Sean: Sean Christian Day of Porterville in his movie premiere

All of the extras and vehicles are local folks and belong to local folks, so you might see your friends and neighbors on the big screen. Various locations in and around Porterville star in their own right.

All are welcome, and there is no charge, but be aware that this unrated film would probably be a strong pg13 and may not be appropriate for younger children. There is some sexuality (clothed) in the opening – you can see a taste of that in the trailer – and a simulated dog fight (no dogs were harmed, honest, I was there and so was the ASPCA that watches over these sorts of things).

Feel free to forward this, the more the merrier – if the theater can’t hold everyone, there will be multiple showings until everyone who wants to has seen it.

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  2. wish more stand in’s of porterville could have played, this was very heart tuching and real it is like life realy is , made me cry .thank you so much don’t stop ,do more!

    • Thanks so much Barbara, our intent is to do exactly that. Keep watching this blog for more information on Tender as Hellfire and filmmaking in Porterville! Let everyone know!

    Books should be left how they are. When books are turned into a ‘stupid’ movie, it just kills everything! Tell me what was the point of writing this book?! Aren’t books made so that people can ‘imagine’ them the way you want?!?!
    This will be the worst movie, yet the best book.

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