Terra Bella, Pistachios, Google and Your Health

Today on a lark I decided to set up a google alert on some of the local town names that I didn’t already have one set up for. When you do this, google will send you an email of new sites and blogs that match the term you specify.

Little did I know that news was about to explode in sleepy next-door Terra Bella. Setton Farms, which is apparently the nation’s second largest processor of pistachio nuts, selling in both the wholesale and retail channels, has been identified as a source of salmonella.

No sicknesses have been reported, but Setton is attempting to recall its entire 2008 crop, which was distributed to 31 states. Some processed food made from the nuts, which was shipped in 1000 pound and larger nut sacks, has already been recalled, and food manufacturers are scrambling to identify which products used the nuts. More recalls of raw nut and finished products are sure to follow.

For now, it is recommended to not eat any pistachios or products containing them.

I will be providing lists of links addressing this breaking news matter in separate posts.

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