What are Nerd Tasks?

The Porterville Nerd is a valuable handyman for the 21st century!

What are Nerd Tasks?

We all see plenty of old-fashioned handymen around: contractors doing landscaping, fixing doors, anything that you can do with the tools you can get at a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot, and far more specialized tools and skills no regular person wants to have. When you need a job like that done, you know how to find them.

But what about the handyman tasks of today? We all have electronics at home, in our pocket, and even important stuff out on the internet. Every day we use this for fun, for work, for school and learning – it is everywhere in your life, isn’t it?

Just like your grass needs cutting every week and your shrubs need trimming regularly, your electronic parts and life also need attention too to keep them healthy and working best.

Ignore the need for attention, and things slow down, stop working, or worse. Without the right attention – Nerd Tasksyour valuable equipment can be in danger, even your personal identity and security is at risk.

Sure, you could cut the grass yourself, and you could do Nerd Tasks too.

You wouldn’t cut down that 25 foot tree in your yard yourself, doesn’t your computer or other expensive and important equipment deserve as much attention as a tree? Of course it does!

You would rather have the comfort of an experienced pro for those projects and for preventing or solving emergencies, wouldn’t you? You want to Contact The Porterville Nerd right now!

Here is a sample of Nerd Tasks to get you thinking about what you need and have been putting off. This list is not complete, if you can dream it, then let’s talk about it – Initial consultations are always free!

Common Nerd Tasks:

  1. Computer Repairs and Upgrades
    • Computer Virus Check/Clean
    • Hardware Upgrade
    • Software Installation and Configuration
  2. Business Help
    • Business Planning
    • Software Evaluation
    • New Websites
    • Revive Old Web Sites
    • Marketing as a Conversation
    • Web site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Media Production and Planning
  3. Personal Development
    • Homework Tutoring
    • Standardized Test Coaching
    • Course Tutoring
  4. Consumer Electronics
    • Electronics Configuration/Training
    • Making the most of your phone
  5. Other Tasks and Dreams
    • Tell the Nerd What you Need

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