Why No Tourist Facilities in Porterville and Springville?

Porterville Recorder letter-writer John Keyes of Springville writes regarding the future of Giant Sequoia National Monument

A Web site will help. Shirts will help. This quest is going to take a grand effort by the federal government plus Fresno, Kern and Tulare county governments. A real effort is needed to actually put money into tourism, not just more small bandages and promises from politicians trying to get elected.

Keyes seems upset at the way timber jobs were lost when the monument was created during the Clinton era.

I wasn’t here at that time, but I have been struck by the difference in tourism among the 3 gateways to the Sierra since I have been here. Yosemite of course is king. Kings Canyon, in particular the 198 corridor, is still worlds more advanced then the 190 corridor into Sequoia National Forest and Park.

Has there ever really been much tourism in this direction? I have read John Muir’s earliest book, and he loved the area above Porterville second only to Yosemite and possibly second to none.

It does strike me that Springville, and to some extent Porterville, do not have the facilities that even Three Rivers has to support visitors heading into or coming down from the mountain.

Personally, I love that the roads are not crowded above here, and that the facilities are minimal, but even I do think there is room for some outdoor tourist related ventures in Porterville and Springville.

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