Wounded psyche in need of repair, not a statesman

There is a distasteful type of article that appears often, covering many kind of topics. The rhetoric goes along these lines: I tried something, it didn’t work out, and so you shouldn’t try it. Movie and restaurant reviews are generally of this type.

But there is a less innocuous but still common variant that is easily found. In the variant, the rhetoric is: I tried something, it didn’t work out, hence it can’t work out, we must bring the whole weight of the government to prevent anyone from trying again.

For example, The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage: It isn’t going to work by Sam Schulman in the June 1, 2009Weekly Standard magazine. Schulman repeats a litany of questions and assertions, all without any citation or seemingly any coherence at all, to try to suggest that gay marriages simply can’t work. Despite evidence from States around the US and countries around the world to the contrary.

But buried deep int he article he reveals himself and his true concern, and how his rant fits into te category I described above:

Few men would ever bother to enter into a romantic heterosexual marriage–much less three, as I have done–were it not for the iron grip of necessity that falls upon us when we are unwise enough to fall in love with a woman other than our mom.

Schulman has tried marriage 3 times, already failed twice, and is carrying the failures as burdens in his 3rd. The long list of what he perceives a marriage to be starts to look more like personal concerns rather than absolutes.

As always happens  with these types of articles, they are about the author’s personal demons, not something the public cares about. Schulman seeks a kind of absolution from us, the reader, granting him release from his errors, by asking us to enact a law that would prevent men and women like him who want to get married,  from even ever having the chance to find out that their relationship is or is not going to last.

He is seeking to play a noble role, one who has gained wisdom that applies to the masses from the errors of his ways.

But the truth is that he has learned nothing. As always with these types of articles, they are cries for individual help, not statesmanlike wisdom for the ages. What Mr. Schulman needs is a good therapist, not a platform for promulgating anti-American values to salve his wounded psyche.

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  1. Good point, Barry. He feels like he needs to be forced into marriage, but that’s his problem — not everyone else’s.

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